International & U.S. Top 10 Billboard Record Artist, Songwriter, Singer, Producer, Dancer, Performer, TV Host, and Reality Star: Brian Anthony

Brian Anthony is an American Pop recording artist, songwriter, producer, performer and reality star originally born in Northern California's Daly City and grew up in a neighboring suburb to San Francisco called Belmont. Brian's top charting international hits can be found in the Top 10 of United States Billboard at, top 2 of UK's Music Week Magazine, DMC Update and DJ World Charts across the globe. Most of Brian's releases were launched in promotion to clubs and radio by virtue of the dance market that range from smooth crossover flavored dance remixes to Electro, House, Trance, Progressive House, and even Hip-Hop remixes.

Each of the remix projects are attached to celebrity DJ/Remix Producers in the international dance realm well known for crafting hit dance remixes for megastar corporate brands who are touchstones of the Pop music industry like Madonna, Britney Spears, Jennifer Hudson, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Usher, Hillary Duff, Kylie Minogue and many more. Each remix project release was carefully crafted by promoters and Brian himself for his own independent label Sogni Records - 7 Entertainment, LLC., that would be able to work in multiple territories outside of the U.S. -- subsequently delivering huge results in every market that cited mass attention by fans and industry alike, unusual for an independent recording artist on his own small indie imprint. Listed in his discography, Brian has worked with superstar DJ's who are icons of the dance music industry such as: Mike Rizzo, Chus & Ceballos, SunFreakz, Lenny B, Rui Da Silva, Love To Infinity, DJ DAN, Johnny Vicious, Raul Rincon, LoveRushUK!, Timothy Allan, Mark Picchiotti, Albert Castillo, and many many more and more.

As a songwriter/producer, Brian Anthony is currently registered with BMI under Mangiaremusic Publishing. Brian single-handedly secured four major motion picture theatrical song placements with 20th Century Fox for their summer blockbuster films that skewed to a younger demographic of followers ranging from "Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties" ("Come And Get It") starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer"("WhatsitgonnaB?") starring Jessica Alba, "Dragonball: Evolution" ("Worked UP!") starring Justin Chatwin and Emmy Rossum, and finally "Aliens in the Attic" ("Electricity" [YA BOY]) starring Ashley Tisdale, cast member of the famed youth phenomenon -- "High School Musical".

The Special Olympics global organization approached Brian in 2005 to write and produce an inspirational anthem to sing at their opening ceremonies that same year at the Southern California Long Beach Basketball Pyramid. Brian wrote and co-produced an anthem called, "CHAMPION", for the Special Olympics athletes that was then later remixed for the dance market by No. 1 Billboard charting remixer Solar City, who are largely known for producing and writing for the top selling circuit dance artist, Erin Hamilton, daughter to Carol Burnette and TV Producer, Joe Hamilton.

Later in 2005, "CHAMPION" was licensed by corporate giant, WAL-Mart, through Flagler Productions for their international company-wide internal conferences to promote an inspirational message to its employees to change the WAL-Mart public image, and to promote "championing the customer" within its global chain of stores.

The live performance of "CHAMPION" for the Special Olympics Summer Games Opening Ceremonies was held at Cal-State Long Beach for five thousand plus spectators and the entire show was televised on KCAL-9 with host, Hall-of-famer, Olympian, and former Lakers star, [Worthy] as well as KCAL newscaster Leena Win. Brian also performed a mainstream track released on the B-side of the "CHAMPION" release called "GRAVITY" at that same live show.

Brian then performed "Champion" in the summer of 2009 during the release of "Electricity" at the Special Olympics Summer Games Opening Ceremonies as headliner at the WFCU indoor Hockey Stadium seating 10,000 spectators in Ontario Canada at their Provincial Games. The event was LIVE Televised for Cogeco Cable and Roger's Television and aired across the entire country on July 22nd, 2009.

In 2008, Brian inked a deal for the first ever "mobile reality show for any recording artist in history" called "Becoming Brian" with 20th Century Fox's new mobile division, FOXMOBILE/Jamster. Brian filmed three years of his series to be distributed through Jamster, the company that FOX bought out to create their mobile division. The series was to illustrate Brian's wild ascent on the charts skyrocketing into the public eye while focusing on four significant turning points in his life and career. "Becoming : Brian" was an inspirational "mobile reality series" depicting Brian as a hugely driven individual and musical talent taking on the music industry all on his own (without the aid of managers, agents, a guide of any kind, or even a background in "business" or "the music business") in a new "DIY" age of music and in a new digital realm of marketing by leveraging technology to his advantage and using "out of the box" methods of promotion in the dance market to conquer international ground and make a name for himself FOXMOBILE subsequently was sold to a German investment firm called JESTA Digital, and Brian's show and deal with FOXMOBILE were discontinued.

Then in 2010, Brian then places his #1 U.S. Billboard Breakout Charting song, "Electricity" in the VH1 breakout reality series, "Basketball Wives" in episode 108 -- the finale episode of the first season of the popular series. "Electricity" is featuring YA BOY later signed to Akon's label Konvict Muzik and peaked at #33 on the U.S. Billboard Dance Chart.

Finally, in 2011, Brian's fifth release "IN MY DREAMS" was released only to the UK and European audiences for traditional promotion to clubs and radio. Without being driven by a film or television song placement like his previous releases, the song and its remixes peaked at #2 on the Upfront Club Chart in UK's Music Week Magazine aside of Kylie Minogue's #1 with "Better Than Today". It also crossed over to Music Week Magazine's POP Chart as a Top 10 record at No. 8. The remix package includes international superstar DJ/Remixers of the Dance arena DJ Dan (Janet Jackson, PDiddy, Lady Gaga), Johnny Vicious (Madonna, Beyonce, Jennifer Holiday, Katy Perry), LOVERUSH UK!, and Timothy Allan.

In 2013 Brian shot for a week with ABC a food related reality series called "The Taste" on ABC featuring culinary juggernauts Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson, Brian Markalay and Ludo Lefebvre as judges. Brian competed as a San Francisco based U.S. Billboard Top 10 recording artist turned "professional homecook" -- competing against other home cooks and even professional chefs from all walks of life -- and from all over America. Brian lasted for two episodes before getting voted off of the show that aired January 22nd, 2013 and January 28th, 2013.

Currently, Brian Anthony is working with a new remix producer, Bill Pardue, who goes by the remixer name of MISSION GROOVE for the re-launch of Brian's "IN MY DREAMS" Project. Bill's retro style anthem is a mixture of house and electro style grooves reminiscent of 90's dance production setting dance floors on fire back in the day and is sure to make them explode in a future release for the first time to market ever in America and a re-release to the UK after it's lofty #2 Charting peak position in Music Week Magazine on the Club Chart next to Kylie Minogue in 2011 and crossing over to the Top 10 on their Pop Chart.

The "IN MY DREAMS" release would tie into Brian's reality project "BECOMING : BRIAN", that was once signed to FOXMOBILE/Jamster before that division was
discontinued at the studio. The show takes a look at what it's TRULY like to be independent and how Brian used technology and embraced the digital age of music, back in the beginning of his career, when nobody else was, to reach fans around the world and market his music through Social Media. Brian is re-launching his story with a start-up out of the SF Bay Area's Silicon Valley. The start-up is working with major label recording artists in the digital realm like Gaga as well as Beiber's manager, Scooter Braun, and is not only creating new content for broadcast in the new media realm, but is redefining how social media will be used to market artists like Brian, Gaga, Beiber, and many others through harnessing the power of fan mobilisation mobilization and their integrated efforts through "calls to action" and fan participation.

In the future you will be seeing excerpts and possibly even full episodes of Brian's
show, "Becoming : Brian" at Music Gateway, while those episodes would then move to Network and Mobile broadcast later.



#12 Peak Pos -Garfield 2 song "COME AND GET IT" *5 weeks

U.S. Billboard Dance Chart Discography:

#22 Peak Pos - Fantastic Four 2 song "WhatsitgonnaB?"
#7 Peak Pos - Dragonball Evolution song "Worked UP!"
#33 Peak Pos - Aliens in the Attic song "ELECTRICITY"
#1 Breakout at U.S. Billboard Dance Chart Surpassing Madonna, Tiesto, Kelis, Three 6 Mafia for "ELECTRICITY" feat. AKON's YA BOY (on KONLIVE Records)

UK MUSIC WEEK Mag Club & POP Chart Crossovers:

#7 Peak Pos Club Chart - Fantastic Four 2 song "WhatsitgonnaB?"
#8 Peak Pos POP Chart Crossover- Fantastic Four 2 song "Whatsitgonnab?"
#38 Entire Year 2008 Mainstream Chart - "WhatsitgonnaB?"
#8 Peak Pos Club Chart - Dragonball Evolution Song - "Worked UP!"
#7 Peak Pos POP Chart - Dragonball Evolution Song - "Worked UP!"
#22 Music Week Mag Club Chart of the Year 2009 "Worked UP!"
#5 Peak Pos Club Chart - "Electricity" Club Chart
#7 Peak Pos "Electricricity" Pop Chart Crossover
#2 Peak Pos "In My Dreams" Club Chart
#8 Peak Pos "In My Dreams" POP Chart Crossover

Best Music Video - "Worked UP!" - MVPA Awards - Los Angeles, CA (Co-Directed / POST Production) Best Male Pop Vocs "More Than I Am" - Los Angeles Music Awards Best Pop Song "In My Dreams" - Hollywood Music in Media Awards

"IN MY DREAMS" (feat. Miss Sophia May)
associated released launched by the reality show and theme song for reality series.

#2 UK MUSIC WEEK MAGAZINE CLUB CHART 2011 (Aside Kylie Minogue's #1 with "Better Than Today")


In My Dreams # 2 DMC World Chart
In My Dreams # 2 DMC World House Chart
In My Dreams # 2 DMC World Commercial Chart
In My Dreams # 2 DMC UK Chart
In My Dreams In My Dreams # 3 DMC UK Club Chart
In My Dreams In My Dreams # 5 DMC UK Mainstream Chart
EUROPEAN TOP 100 CLUB CHART Broke into the chart at Top 40 #36 and peaked at #31

Film Song Placement’s Brian’s been theatrically released in are as follows:

1. GARFIELD 2 - A Tail of Two Kitties "Come and Get It" Theatrical + DVD release
2. Fantastic Four 2 Rise of the Silver Surfer - "Whatsitgonnab?" DVD release only
3. Dragonball Evolution - "Worked UP!" Top 10 U.S. Billboard Hit
4. Aliens In The Attic (starring Ashley Tisdale) - "Electricity" Feat. Akon's - Ya Boy


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