Desi Pena (Dez)

"My father had me playing the drums when I was five years old. I figured that this was my destiny being that I was specifically named after famous actor/musician Desi Arnaz. And yes, I was called D Arnaz Jr. throughout my childhood. It was only two years after the start of playing drums when I picked up the guitar. Immediately, I took a huge liking into learning popular songs that I had heard on the radio. I tried to learn everything by ear which was a gift given to me by my father. It was a short time after that when I began to write my own songs. I joined a band in junior high school called Element. This was a group of my good friends and the best musicians Selden NY had to offer. What a tight unit of power we displayed when we played. We were quickly offered a major contract through No Name Management. Only to get crushing news of label indecision. We all parted ways and that's when DeadSleep was born. I wrote peeformed, recorded and produced everything you'll hear on these records. It was off to the races from that point on."

-Drummer and Guitar player for over 25 years

-Producer, and Engineer for over 10 years

-Multiple Write Ups and Reviews by Various Publications

-2006 "Deadsleep - Falling To Pieces " (Production, Writing, Total Performance of All Instrumentation)

-2007 "Deadsleep - Forgiveness" - (Production, Writing, Total Performance of All Instrumentation)

-2008 "Indie Producer of The Year" (Road Rayge Metal Magazine)

-2010 "DeadSleep - As Rain Washes Over" (Production, Writing, Total Performance of All Instrumentation)

-2014 "Deadsleep - Breaking Me" (Production, Writing, Total Performance of All Instrumentation)

-2015 & 2016 "Critical Mass Studios Debut Album of Licensing Works"

*Works for placement consists of a large library featuring multiple genres. Including but not limited to Rock, Metal, Dance, Dubstep, Film Score, Trance, House, Pop, Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, etc.