Canberra, Australia | Female Australian singer, songwriter, and electronic music producer with a soulful vocal style and unique and creative approach to writing lyrics.

JadeMaeMusic | Canberra, Australia


Jade Mae is an Australian female producer, singer-songwriter and topline writer. Not only has she released several of her own tracks, but also started her own business providing vocals and lyrics to an international audience of producers. She can write for nearly any genre, but is best known for her performances in EDM, House, Soul, Techno, Future Bass and Electro.

Jade Mae is an experienced singer-songwriter with over 60 songs written this year alone, with dozens going on to be performed for producers all over the world. Many new releases are due out towards the end of 2019. She has a home studio, with excellent equipment such as the Neumann U87, Presonus pre-amps, KRK monitors, Roland keyboard, a range of Digital Audio Software including Logic Pro and FLStudio and a vocal booth which, alongside her years of experience, means that quality and efficiency are ensured even when working remotely.

Jade Mae is predominantly known for writing toplines that are catchy, edgy, and have a bit of attitude and she brings something new to each song she writes. She is an experienced lyricist, and always strives to ensure the listener connects emotionally to the songs and can exude popular and unique with ease.

Jade Mae is ready to take the next step in her career and embark on new projects, and is always ready to work with new producers. Here's what producers have said about her recently:

Mos_Emvy, August 2019: 5 stars
"Really loved working with Jade! She has a great voice with range and brought her own ideas to the table which I loved! I would definitely work with her again.”

SeanHolihan July 2019: 5 stars
"Awesome to work with! One of the most talented people I have ever had the pleasure working with and I look forward to working with her in the future. Seriously one of the most stellar experiences I've had on here. She had no problem bringing my vision to life and making any changes I wanted. Highly Recommend!"

Michael Hines, June 2019: 5 stars
"It was great to work with Jess. I was looking for a songwriter and collaborator, and she has a dedicated work ethic and commitment. She has the clarity of vision to see past just what exists to what could be. She has an amazing voice, and backs it up with production skills that help make her vision clear and keep the creative process moving. I can't stress enough how helpful this is. She's on top of communication, and despite being half a world away, we never had any problems coordinating. If you get the chance to work with this amazingly talented person, I highly recommend collaborating with her!"

BenBrummitt, June 2019: 5 stars
"What can i say, Jade Mae is a brilliant artist to work with who goes above & beyond to deliver! She's also very approachable in regards to ideas. Highly recommend! Brilliant vocalist!”

AzuraSky, May 2019: 5 Stars
“…She is a very inspirational and professional young woman who's energy and passion towards music really does resonate with you and inspire you…Communication with her was a pure joy, extremely helpful and attentive to your particular tracks needs with always a helpful idea or two of her own to add…You’d be a fool to pass the chance of working with her!"

Paralyzer, May 2019: 5 stars
"She was the first vocalist I ever worked with in my entire life. She made me feel comfortable enough to bounce around ideas and we had complete understanding of each other…I would definitely work with her again.”

A5H, May 2019: 5 stars
"Jess is an extremely humble professional with great ideas and work flow. She has been dedicated and patient with helping me write a track that gives us both a sense of fulfilment. Her passion for music and songwriting is evident. Not only does Jess have an angelic voice, she is also a talented producer with great ideas. An incredible package! I am very grateful to have had her assistance throughout this gig. 5/5"

She is a proud supporter of women and minority group representation in the music industry, as well as mental health in the music industry and is part of the following organisations:

Women in Music
Australian Women in Music
Disability Arts International
Arts Access Australia
She is the Music
ISSA Member
Entertainment Assist
Disability Council International

New tracks are being released regularly, so follow her on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music or Soundcloud if you want to keep up to date.