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Everything from Video to audio on my profile was all created by me. I am looking to work with other but in the past have chosen not to due to everyone's main priority being money when it should be art if you call your self an artist. Do not submit to my projects if you, Want to record Demos to send to other artists, looking to work short term on project you don't even take seriously or just want to have someone to do all the work! Submit to my projects if, You take your craft seriously, Want to create one of a kind projects and understand monetary gain only comes from the hard work and marketing.

If you're not sure about me check my stuff on Instagram and see my more personal side. @jvmusic
I could care less for anything else outside of being great, we are kings and queens with the power to change reality so why would I want to wast time.
And don't take my faith as cockiness or intimidation, its just I believe in making things happen and will not allow anyone to stand in the way of that.