Italy | Orchestral Film Music, State of the Art productions in a Project Studio setting

ManuelMarino | Italy


*ORCHESTRAL FILM MUSIC COMPOSER, Audio Lead, World Recognized Industry Leader*

A master artisan in Music Production and a Music Industry expert, Manuel adds value to any project, Video Games, Documentaries, Commercials and Movies.

With Recording and Audio Engineering skills Manuel supervises your Audio Department, creating Sound Designs, Soundtracks, Film Scoring, Orchestral Music for Feature Films and iOS Development (or Android Development).

Manuel is also a Singer-songwriter, skilled in Song Production and Songwriting. Produced more than 20 albums, recommended by 100+ professionals and producers, known in Encyclopedia of Electronic Music as Vanethian, pseudonym used in the years 1999-2001 and lately reappeared with a new album.

"I strongly believe in people, I trust them and their potential. There's a lot that can be done together, that's why I'm a team leader and I'm a team member as well."