Lichfield, UK | Composer and Producer

MidnightWatchman | Lichfield, UK


Midnight Watchman is a composer and producer from the UK who writes instrumental music for film, television and games in a diverse range of styles that include Ambient, Electronic and Orchestral. His influences range from Yann Tiersen to Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

An experienced songwriter, guitarist, synth and keyboard player, Midnight Watchman has played in several successful indie bands and now composes ambient soundtrack music with varied rhythms and instrumentation, packed with unassuming melody.

Midnight Watchman began as a busker in UK cities and towns while writing his own songs and touring the US with his own money. Upon his return to the UK, he started a band with more complex arrangements and instruments. He soon gained successful appearances on radio and music festivals with his acoustic-written songs being well received. After a couple of albums, he decided to move into instrumental music as a solo artist.

Midnight Watchman writes tracks for films and television that contain elements of suspense, drama, intrigue in some cases, while also creating more subtle, relaxing and ambient tones in others.