This is our dedicated A&R Profile. We will be posting all of our future A&R Projects from this account.

We work with a number of labels and publishing companies. Through this profile we will be posting opportunities looking for artists & songwriters to sign to labels and publishers, looking for songs to place with artists and looking for songs to sign to labels and/or publishing companies.

Please ensure you read the project details and listen to any reference files before submitting your pitch.

Our Mission

We aim to empower music industry professionals and help further their careers. Our platform is the environment in which talented musicians thrive, creating a level playing-field for those that can provide what others need. We will change the backbone of the industry for the better with equal opportunities and ground breaking features.

Music Gateway

Music Gateway is a B2B platform, specifically designed to allow creative and music industry professionals to connect and work together in a global capacity. Developed by industry professionals for industry professionals, we help break down barriers that hinder career development by empowering individuals and companies alike. The unique software helps streamline the way people connect via projects whether this is through hiring music professionals, collaborating or using it as an A&R to find new talent. Music Gateway removes time consuming legwork and offers security along with unique, remote working tools. With an increasing number of opportunities each month we’ve established ourselves as the go to platform for music and creative business.

What makes the platform unique is that it does not work like a traditional networking site. Connections are strictly made through a project and pitching process, where parties agree to work together towards a specific end goal. This makes the working relationships genuine, with a much higher success rate for project outcomes. The software management tool also allows people to work together remotely using an online Workspace area, which is unique to Music Gateway.