Songwriting partnership 'Shayaan Oshidar & Ryan Bickley', formed in 2014, we began writing for other artists as we found that we wrote too many songs for us to handle ourselves.

In our catalogue, we have three sets of music:

The first is the music we write, record & perform with our band HICARI;
In our track list any songs containing the word HICARI are therefore not for other artists and instead are for publishing deals/record companies.
HICARI, Meaning ‘Light’ in Japanese, are a multicultural 5-piece pop band based in Liverpool.

HICARI use their influences to create new uplifting tracks, synth-hooks and driving melodies to compel you to dance or speak to your heart.

Their sound is home to the influence of synth-pop artists such as CHRVCHES; The 1975; and St. Lucia, with everything 80s as the foundation. 光

2016 has seen HICARI achieve wider recognition with their debut single 'Catch Fire' and it's remix surpassing over a quarter of a million hits. During the summer they played to the vast crowds of festivals such as LIMF, Rivers & Fusion. They were also asked to open for the Mancity VS Bucharest fame at the Etihad Stadium.

To kick of 2017 with a bang their collaboration on one of Anki's album tracks has surpassed half a million streams on Spotify. This year promises to bring UK wide concerts in aid of their single release, along with a stellar music video that celebrates a successful pledge campaign.


The second is music written with the intention of either being sung/performed by other artists.


'Sobr' is our 3rd project written for licensing and publishing for sync's etc.

‘Sobr’ is an alternative project that highlights the emotional desires of people in an atmospheric; cinematic; and electronic manner. The name is inspired by their innocent way of life that is filled with travel; hot drinks and a love of pets.


We thrive on strong hooks, melodies and lyrics. Get in touch!


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