I am a singer/producer and artist specializing in experimental electronica & acoustic music.
Like many others, creative collaboration is something I love doing!
I'm open to working with other songwriters, engineers, singers and performers.
It's always interesting to see the kinds of brilliant works a synergy can produce.
I currently work for a media company but I do music whenever I have the time.

Some of my other interests that help me as a creative being are . . .

1. poet. (I've been published in many literary journals).
2. healer/shaman. (i'm very much into creating good vibes, good energy, and helping people.
in terms of music this helps with collaboration because joy creates a clear mind and good communication).
3. astrology (i love to help people understand how to overcome thematic challenges through what the planetary glyphs and symbols reveal. also, you can embrace your gifts better if you use it like a map or a tool. you can observe yourself realistically and love/accept yourself for who you are).
4. green initiatives and enlightened relationships based on love, peace, understanding.

Please feel free to contact me if you feel so inspired!