I have nearly forty years experience in writing, recording and producing music - it is a passion.
If I didn't get paid for my skills I would still have to spend four to six hours in my studio every day.
I have owned studios of many colours from 4 track cassette portasdudios to 8 and 16 track reel to reels and desks. Also digital stand alones with samplers, sequencers and sync units, through to my current and third 'all in the box' set up. I use Logic X on a Mac Pro and use many different types of music software to help me mix and master music tracks to a high standard.
Some of my tracks are being used in numerous advertisements, films, videos and TV such as The One Show and Location, Location, Location.
I also produce a wide range of writers' and artists' material.
I am able to work to a brief, hit deadlines and produce music of most genres.
I have the facilities to master tracks to a commercial standard and feel I offer a complete package.
I can work from a lyric and create all of the music incuding the vocal if required or I can use the artist's own recordings or a mixture of both.
In every situation I strive to produce a track that the artist is completely happy with and this can only be achieved by close collaboration with him or her.

IMPORTANT - when I have been paid for my work I expect no share of any profit the track might make. The owner retains 100% of all rights to the song and the recordings.

I get a great deal of pleasure working with artists and producing their music and I think they benefit from my skills also...

‘As a fan of singer songwriter Paul Baggott, I also highly recommend him as a Producer.
Having collaborated online since January 2012, I’m thrilled with his creative and production work to date whereupon he has transformed many of my rough (some cassette) demos into market-worthy tracks.
Whether you want your track simply enhanced, or worked from scratch perhaps with part of your original track(s) incorporated; or if you would like a dance track or remix created from your original song, or whether you want him to provide a vocal - Paul works to suit. He is dedicated to capturing your vision and to helping people realize their goals. This is made all the easier by the fact he’s a great communicator too - intuitive, concise and effective. He is also a fine upstanding guy and with a disarming sense of humour to boot. I recommend Paul Baggott for your production needs, from demo to mastered product. - Alison Fleming (singer songwriter) 2nd July 2013.’

"Paul is a most talented musician, songwriter and producer. He has endless creativity in making something out of nothing to transform song ideas into real listenable substance as a good producer does. I tender each song to him and eagerly await the results with much excitement as to what magic he is going to work on them. He translates what the artist is looking for then takes the scenic route. To work with Paul is an absolute pleasure.
Top man!
Philip Clover"

"I have worked with Mr. Paul Baggott for the last couple of years. He has done all the mixing, production, and mastering work on my debut album titled The David G Ward Project. He is working with me on my sophmore effort, I would use no one else on my projects. Every song he has produced for me has exceeded my expectations. His ear to what needs added instrumentally to a song is beyond reproach. I recommend Paul very highly for all your mix, production, and mastering work your next song, project, or album needs. He has taken my music to a whole other level."
David G. Ward

There are some mp3 clips of the above artists' tracks before and after production on my 'Music' page to give a clearer idea as to what I can offer. There are also a number of my own songs in various genres that demonstrate my flexibility.

Also, if you have old, irreplaceable recordings that are hummy, hissy, clicky and noisy I can restore most to their former glory.