Hi, I'm James Grover, a full time Music Producer, Mix and Mastering Engineer, Composer and Songwriter, previously working freelance out of Peak Studios, Bradford (one of the top commercial studios in the North of England)

I now live in central London and my main focus working with artists and other writers to create tracks destined for hit radio. I'm confident with all stages of this process, from initial concepts and lyric/melody ideas to the final mix and mastering (and a ProTools expert of the highest calibre).

- thinking out of the box to create unique concepts, designed to stand out with originality
- clever witty lyrics with simple singalong melodies
- producing/critiquing others' lyrics and melodies to maximise their hit potential
- creating great sounding and original/inventive pop beats in record time
- vocal production / arranging, including writing complex harmonies
- vocal editing and pop mixing
- pro standard mastering
- working as part of a team / the art of collaboration

Previously I was a director of ProTracks Production Ltd, one of the leading karaoke-version production houses in the world. Our team of 10 producers created professional soundalikes and original corporate music and compositions for major clients around the world (Google, BBC, NBC etc), along with songwriting, production and remixes for pop artists and bands. Our specialities vary across the genres from the prettiest of pop, indie and dance to the grittiest of hip-hop, rock and metal.

Producing since my early teens and now at age 28, my time intensively producing karaoke tracks for ProTracks (and hence mixing and mastering around 500 chart-hit songs per year since 2010, to pro standards) has given me a unique understanding of how to construct a hit song from the ground up. It has also led me to build a technical skillset in terms of editing, mixing and mastering that is surely unparalleled amongst producers in my age group. Of course I also have a wide range of experience with audio editing for film/TV/audiobooks, working with clients such as Amazon, Channel 4 and UCB on projects such as these.

I also run a small independant record label (Signal Records), play in an indie/alt rock band (masses.), and release my own music as a pop/electronic singer/songwriter (_G_R_O_V_E_R_).