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Born into a family of musicians and artists, it was almost inevitable that Robert Lauri would become involved in the arts in some way. As a young boy he learned to play piano and guitar. Not content with just performing, Robert was soon composing great melodies to accompany his lyrics. Throughout his career, Robert Lauri has always been an original, remaining true to himself and his creative drive, unfettered by the ebb and flow of fads and fashion.

In 1976, a number of top names worked with him on his first album. Published by Dick James Music Elton Johns publisher, produced by Mitchel Hiller and Kay Kaplan, arranged by Robin Miller, this LP was recorded at the Olympic studio in London and distributed in Britain and Italy. Back in France, Robert Lauri signed with WEA Filipachi in 1980. A very fine album came out of his work with B. de Bosson. The lead song, Je jure, marched up the hit parades and soared quickly to number one, where it stayed for several weeks.

Chantal Allon, C. Marousek-Dornhakl, D. Barbelivien, JP.Dreau, E. Rodagyl, other writers participated in the creation of other successes.

Some years ago, Robert Lauri began a mystical phase and created the band ALEF. This was an original concept that consisted of mixing hard-hitting, topical arrangements with texts from the Torah. Success was immediate on the airwaves. Some great performance venues, such as LOlympia, Le Zenith, Le Palais des Congres and others staged their concerts in front of enthusiastic audiences. After winning over audiences in Europe, ALEF conquered Canada and the United States, where their gigs included an appearance on the US Telethon.

The album Liberty has been recorded in Paris and New York. Two capitals whose cultural richness and musical diversity permeate this new album. The Liberty project is the fruit of the artist's collaboration with Franck Lupo in New York and Alain Pype, eminent French sound engineer, Pierre Cherez, French guitarist. The authors that have collaborated on this project are Chantal Allon, Claudine Maroussek-Dornhakl and the son of Robert Lauri, Jessy, JNB. They have translated the different moods by their talent and their magic words.

Two compilations of timeless creations about love, emotions and live experience have also been released, Si je meurs par hasard (If per Chance I die) and J'y crois encore (I still believe). Chantal Allon who has written most of the lyrics of the french songs of Robert, has added her writing talent to the songs.

In the album “United Souls”, Robert Lauri offers songs that could be described as new sound. He reveals new musical moods that have a French touch while delivering vibrant classical, pop and rap rhythms.

All songs of the album “New Face” create a special ambiance in a variety of musical genres that span the range from a dreamy and highly imaginative universe, to a universe filled with excitement and emotion. "For the “New Face” album I wanted to embark upon a musical journey into different cultures, where I could mix and match all the different harmonies, picking out the different influences and blending them together into a single song, on a single album, explains Robert Lauri.

A duet in French with Diane Marino and Robert Lauri followed "J'ai si peur" (I'm So Afraid) : Diane's voice complements Robert's beautifully, and the performance by both artists releases a magical harmony.

In the album Western and Country, Robert Lauri takes us into a world where new and current Western and New Age music blend and complement each other in complete harmony. Each track opens into a trip through different colors and harmonies.

The album "Power in Heaven" offers us a set of songs that sharpen our sensitivity. The album is characterized by the use of musical instruments from around the world.

“Time is Over” by Robert Lauri and Andrea Dreah Pennington : an international duet that brings together the United States and Europe in a synergy of voices and choirs that is based on a jazzy and groovy melody.

In 2013, the album State of Mind is released. This album uses a pool of internationally talented musicians. Artists like Diane Marino from the US and Mitch Hiller who wrote all the lyrics, from England. The album features three new duets featuring Robert with Diane Marino and lyrics by Mitch Hiller on two of them; In My Mind and "Nothing's how it used to be" and one with Mitch Hiller; "Nothing is on the radio".Diane Marino seduces with her flawless piano skills. The exceptional bass playing of Nashville's Frank Marino and the innovative guitar work of Parisienne Pierre Chereze.

Robert Lauri continues also to produce French songs and releases several new songs: Rien à faire, Bien sûr, Tombés and the new songs shared with his fans in 2018, Vivre et Mourir, Aux Paradis Perdus and Pauvre Monde extract of a new album in production that will be released end 2018. Robert did the music and arrangements. Chantal Allon participated in the creation of the new song by writing the lyrics in perfect harmony with the music.

August 2018, a new album, This House is released. A new collaboration with the Londoner Mitch Hiller who wrote the lyrics and the Nashville's artists Frank Marino playing bass and Diane Marino on keyboard, guitar work by Pierre Chereze. New songs as My friend, is this an ordinary day , In the Dark, She's leaving, This House and also a song of Mitch Hiller, Make me laugh.

Robert Lauri continues to create music, taking us through a range of different moods and different styles but all with the special « Lauri » trademark of originality, sensitivity and creativity.

Robert moves from genre to genre easily and seemlessly. He shares with us beauty and inspiration and a view of his musical visions taking us on an atmospheric music journey.

A new album with instrumentals will also be released by the end of the year 2018.

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