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Sandstone-Silver | Liverpool


I've been creating melodies and lyrics for over 10 years. It would be great to collaborate with a composer or musician to bring a musical layer to the songs. I tend to write popular music lyrics and if all my dreams where aligned would appear on BBC radio 2 and 6. I have couple of ideas for commercials for tunes that are guilty pleasures. But really want to have an end product that is decent and well produced something to be proud of. I like to experiment and try new and old sounds. I'm currently 45.
One of my dittys...
I've had this dream since I was 5 years old
Gotta keep on pushing till I win the prize
Been to my limits seen highs and lows
I know what it means to keep the dream alive...
To keep the dream alive, Youve gotta drive it home
To keep the dream alive, take back you own

My names John, get in touch let's collaborate and make some tracks together.
I'm based in Liverpool UK take care hope to hear from you soon!