James Asher is a composer, musician and producer with over a thousand published works. I enjoy creative freedom in Starfield Studios, which is also the name of my label. As a musician I play, drums, keyboards, percussion and hammered dulcimer.

As a producer I have been asked to produce keyboard player Rabbit by request of Pete Townshend, for whom I have also performed session drums. I enjoy sensing the best achievable from an artist and help this to be realised. I try to use my understanding of the technical side to good effect, but encouragement also works wonders.
I have great respect for the creative process, and recognise that at times it transcends logic.

As a recording artist I enjoy collaborations and have done so with Indian master drummer Sivamani, Irish harpist Madeleine Doherty, drumcircle facilitator Arthur Hull and keyboardist extraordinaire Rod Pooley to name a few. I have written over 20 commercial albums, whose rights have returned to me, and more than twenty library albums. I also have an extensive catalogue of non-exclusive tracks for which additional usage can be usefully made..

I have written many albums where worldbeat is the theme. Tigers of the Raj was inspired after a visit to Rajasthan, Bravado Masala celebrates the glorious vocal improvising of Mahesh Vinayakram, and Drum Travel jubilantly explores the differing and wonderful diverse role played by drums. Globalarium, Drums on Fire, Colors of Trance, Shaman Drums, Raising the Rhythms, Alchemists` Alamanac and more.

As well as playing drums and percussion, and owning a large collection of instruments of this kind, I also play keyboards, mandolin and hammered dulcimer. A wealth of great sounds gives me all the tools I need to make full and rich sondtracks or backing tracks. Extensive experience helps me create good balances.

In the world of soundtracks I have recorded and produced tracks for AR Rahman, of Slumdog Millionaire fame, produced motivational music used by Canadian Eagle`s Flight, and had music used this year on ITV`s Edge of Heaven series.

My catalogue is extensive and has been sampled by the Chemical Brothers in their track The Sunshine Underground on their platinum selling album Surrender, and by U.N.K.L.E. in their track an Eye for an Eye. You can hear the original used by the Chemical Brothers - Asian Workshop - in my music samples.