World Domination is an independent publishing company, based in Croydon, which was originally set up to service the talent in the Croydon area, it was formed by Dan & David Buskell in 2004. The idea to create a vehicle to protect rights and collect income was born and World Domination came into being later that summer.

Dan is the musical one in the family, being a drummer playing in several Croydon bands, and a drum teacher by day. Dan is also a composer in his own right and is a founder member of Earodynamics.

David is the administration part of the duo, having worked in various companies in the music business all his life, including BMG, Universal & PRS for Music.. David is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators.

There are many reasons to sign to World Domination:

It will enhance your chances of getting a record deal if you have a publisher.
If you have released your own CD, then we can waive mechanical royalties to ease cash flow.

If you perform your own songs and have more than 10 gigs a year you are probably losing out on income due to you. Each venue pays an amount to The Performing Right Society to play music. If the venue plays your songs (i.e. you perform them,) then you should get some share of the PRS fee. WDML will help you get this by registering your works and liaising with you to ensure your gigs are registered with PRS.

There are other areas of income that might come your way such as television, radio, ringtones, advertising etc. If your songs are assigned to a publisher such as WDML, you can benefit from our expertise in music licensing and achieve the proper rate for your songs.

World Domination is now looking at the various ways of exploiting the catalogue including all aspects of the digital age. We are also open to other intellectual property, such as books, short stories, ringtones, etc., etc. If you have a creation that enjoys copyright protection, please come and talk to us first.

We have access to a wide range of professionals, all of whom have extensive music industry knowledge and expertise. In addition, if we have not experienced your situation personally or you need expert advice, we have the contacts to find an answer for you.

We hope that you will feel your songs are in good hands.

Dan and David Buskell