columninches | London


An Australian living in London, I am a songwriter, producer and musician. Starting with classical guitar as a kid to performing in garage punk bands as a teenager, I progressed to playing in various bands internationally as songwriter and lead guitarist/keyboard. During this time I released a number of CDs with the various bands and worked with producers like Martin Terefe and Gordon Rafael, with Martin asking me to write and perform for (Diana Ross' daughter) Leona Naess' album.

I focus on songwriting and production, having had some success in this area in the past (writing for film/TV/advertising). As a result I am actively pursuing this area further and am looking for opportunities to allow me to release my music in a variety of mediums.

I am currently writing and producing music in a variety of styles, ranging from boy/ girl duets (taking inspiration from artists such as Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra) re-imagined with a contemporary spin, whilst also pursuing alt-rock/ psych-rock experiments and instrumental adventures.

column:inches music is thus full of contradictions. Simultaneously focused but blurry, mesmeric yet meandering towards and inexorable conclusion. This has provided eclectic sonic palettes where folk guitar and playful lyrics combine to form frothy, effervescent pop with melancholic overtones, and unafraid to add cocktail jazz, bossa nova, and easy listening ennui. Alternate musical excursions weave together psych-rock and alt rock influences, creating a world where tightly-woven rhythms and free-form guitar co-existing alongside ‘boy/ girl’ voices singing complementary melodies so perfectly joined in rhythm, phrasing, nuance and tone that they blend seamlessly.

Just back from Steve Albini's (producer of Nirvana, The Pixies, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page etc) 'Mix With The Masters' seminar at La Fabrique in the South of France (where Radiohead, Morrissey etc have recorded), where he shared his in-depth studio experience and knowledge with a select group of 13 professional-level participants from all over the world. The focus was his incredible technical knowledge of recording to analogue equipment (including analogue tape), how to run sessions, how to handle artists, how to manage a career, the right attitude, and how to remain successful. Mind altering and life-changing, it has given me a fresh focus on my work and approach.