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Ante Novaselic is a musician, guitar player and songwriter from the port town of San Pedro California near Los Angeles where he was born to immigrant parents of Croatian decent. Ante caught the music bug early in life. Ante credits his first cousin Krist Novaselic for teaching him his first chords on the guitar at the age of eight.

Krist and Ante were Jamming buddies for a couple of years until Krist moved to Aberdeen Washington. Shortly upon arriving Krists younger brother Robert introduced Krist to a young Kurt Cobain. The two hit it off and became fast friends and not long after that they decided to form a band that would just a few short years later become one of the biggest and most influential bands on the planet. The band Krist and Kurt formed was NIRVANA and the rest is well documented history.

Ante's musical road led him down many different paths. At the age of 21 Ante was a pro musician touring with Croatian star Liliana Nikoloska and also fronting his own cover band FORUM playing American pop/rock hits for thirsty and sunburnt tourists up and down the Croatian coast until the war in Balkans began and it was time to come back to the USA.

Back in the US Ante started his first original band echodrift. A Psychedelic, jazzy , funky, bluesy pop rock band with an afinity for soaring acoustic ballads. echodrift released one album and a EP under their own label the now defunct SoloNovaSolo Records.

Ante was also a forming member of the female fronted pop/rock band COSTIN. Lead by the talented singer Consuelo Costin who is a direct desendent of the Railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt. Costin had a Top 20 Billboard Dance/Club Hit with a DJ remix of their song NAKED.

Naked peaked at the 12th spot on the chart out placing Brittney Spears at the time. Naked stayed on the chart for almost three weeks before falling off.

Other Notable credits include:
Three consectutive tours with 80's synth pop pioneers Naked Eyes who had big hits with their songs Always Something there to Remind me and Promises Promises. (Guitar, Backing Vocals, Synthseizer)

- Belinda Carlisle of the GoGos (Guitar, Backing Vocals)

- 80's Love song balladeers Air Supply. ( Guitars, Backing Vocals )

- Eye's Adrift ( Guitar, Backing Vocals ) This was Ante's cousins Krist Novaselic's first band after Nirvana disband due to the suicide of Kurt Cobain.

Since 2016 Ante has been shifting gears from the stage to the studio and started on a music licensing journey.
So far Ante has had his music picked up by several prominent music libraries and Licensing Agencies.

Ante is also in the process of writing/recording his first production library album for APM Music. The genre Ante chose to write in is Pop-Americana. As soon as he completes the album Ante is going to start writing and recording album number two for APM Music and is considering Indie Rock as the next genre to explore and write in.

Ante is looking to expand and collaborate with other talented songwriters and musicians as well as other production music libraries.