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Fernando is a Chilean singer-songwriter. From an early age he has participated in musicals and festivals, he is a pop and R&B fan. In 2019 he launched his musical career, after "reaching creative maturity to show his own pop proposal".

His first single was "Perdamos El Aliento", a synth pop theme in which he talks about everyday demands, inviting to live without taboos. His second song "And It's OK!" is his first single in English, a dance pop theme produced in England, the song is a hymn to perseverance and optimism. In September 2019 he released “Lo Que Ayer Se Hundió”, an urban pop song with R&B bases, co-produced in the United States and Chile, composed and written by Fernando, in which he talks about those ghosts of the past that seek to recycle love stories in a disposable world.

2020 began with the release of his fourth single: "Volemos Juntos", a declaration of love originally composed in Rapa Nui and rewritten by Fernando to achieve a romantic, modern and danceable Spanish version.

His new single "Si Se Nota Qué" is a song dedicated to all who have been discriminated for being unmanly, for being unfeminine, it is a hymn in favor of tolerance and against homophobia. It invites all to accept yourself, to value yourself and to act freely. It is a happy, inspiring and danceable song.

Always in the field of pop, will continue to dabble in new styles and mixes, creativity and avant-garde are his strength. Listen to him on all digital platforms!