Barcelona | Lead Singer FadingPulse

garidealda | Barcelona


FadingPulse is an alternative rock band based in Barcelona with upcoming EP followed by an LP recording @ legendary @blindrecords studios Barcelona; band members include Barcelona residents and UK natives. We now require an Native Anglo Speaking keyboardist with expierence in multiple arrangements, electronic and experimental sound knowledge ( with own daw for file sharing and pre production purposes ); also looking for a solid and experienced drummer. This is a serious project with serious and involved musicians. Please check our web for more info.

I know & understand the present music business model but nothing makes me happier than songwriting. I am formerly signed with clippersounds having scored and published various tracks. I am presently collaborating with various artists, producers and fellow songwriters. The ideal scenario for me is to exchange tracks with fellow musicians, producers and writers and elevate it's quality; While I am concentrated in the creative overall songwriting process and sound design, my fellow collaborators are usually more interested in arrangements & musical production, sound quality mix and master. But I co-write constantly and this is key for out of the box 2017 top Billboard sounding tracks. I'm all ears.