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"The critics say that 'Rock is dead' but only 'cause Illustrated Minds wasn't born yet," says Anthony Navarro, the engaging frontman and principal songwriter of Illustrated Minds. Conceived in the most unlikely place, Navarro and masterful drummer, Marc Torres, met while incarcerated in the Arizona Department of Corrections and quickly realized their musical chemistry playing together in the house band. Subsequently, Illustrated Minds was born.

Working secretly on a smuggled, 8-track Tascam recorder, Navarro feverishly wrote, produced, mixed and mastered their first two albums, "Ego Death" and "de profundis", within a six month time frame, before, inevitably, getting caught and disciplined for conspiracy. "They punished us for making music," Navarro says resentfully, "We were trying to better ourselves mentally and creatively. This system, in particular, offers nothing tangible for artists...We took it upon ourselves, and look what happened!" With riff-heavy, melodically structured compositions, accompanied by darkly romanticized and introspective lyrics, Illustrated Minds delivers a new element to the resurgence of Alternative Rock. And, while the influences of iconic groups, such as Ministry, Tool and The Cure, are embedded in the indie outfits DNA, they translate their frenetic versatility through multiple genres.

As of recent, Illustrated Minds' catalog was published through Navarro's company, Illustrated Minds Music, and they are remastering their songs for synch and licensing opportunities. Navarro notes, "We're businessmen in mind, musicians at heart, and rebels in spirit." Writing has begun for their third independent release, "In Pieces", in which the band has teamed up with two-time Grammy winner, Jeremy Parker (Slipknot, Godsmack, Mudvayne) at his studio in Phoenix called Premier Studios. Also, they're in talks with Producer extraordinaire, Brian Virtue (Jane's Addiction, Chevelle, Audioslave), to produce "In Pieces", as well. They anticipate a late 2021 release and coinciding tour. From conception to execution, Illustrated Minds bleeds the art of rebellion and independence. Stay tuned for more details!

Biography by:
Luke Provost & Anthony Navarro