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Marcello Appignani lives in Rome where he has studied Piano with M° Assunta Giordani and Composition with M° Alessandro Forti at the Frosinone Conservatory. Extremely versatile in various musical kinds, he plays keyboards, guitars and drums. As organist, pianist and guitarist he has participated to a lot of concerts, playing his own repertory in several Italian places. His production includes many pieces composed for theatrical dramas, documentaries, CD-Rom, exhibitions, films and short films among which "L'attesa" ("The waiting") by Giuseppe La Rosa has been finalist in the Giffoni Film Festival 2004, in the Next Generation of Miami 2004 and in the 45° Film Festival of Krakow. Among films works, "Riturnella" by Francesca Garcea, has received the special mention at the 61st edition of the International Film Festival of Salerno. He has written reviews for magazines "Fare Musica" and "Music File Magazine. He has composed some music for the national television program "Ballarò". In October 2006 he published his first album "Piume dal cielo" ("Feathers from the sky"). This album includes many of his pieces composed for theatrical works and films. In spring 2009 two new albums out: "L'ultima notte di nozze" ("Last night's wedding"), with music composed for the homonymous drama by Daniela Ariano and performed on guitar by Stefano Mingo and "Sulle tracce di antichi solchi" ("On traces of old ruts"), a collection of various music on his first production. In May 2010, on piano and guitar and vocals, he opened the first date of the new tour of historical progressive rock band "Le Orme" at the Crossroads Live Club of Rome and subsequently he played on guitar to the presentation of the new book by the famous Italian writer Dacia Maraini in Castel di Sangro (AQ) and once again in Rome introducing the Orme concert at Casa del Jazz. In November 2011 has been published the fourth album “Coevica” (Academy AMS) that is the first original soundtrack composed for a novel ("Coeva") in Italy.
One track of him has been included in the Believe compilation "Italy d'Essai - The Best Soundtracks of the New Movie and TV Productions" together the most important contemporary Italian composers (eg. the Oscar prize Nicola Piovani). The latest albums are: “Metamorphoses XXI” for piano solo, “Natura viva con oboe, chitarra e violoncello” composed for the poem “La presenza di Giano” written by the poets Marco Onofrio and Raffaello Utzeri, played with Marco Ciampa (oboe) and Donato Cedrone (cello) and edited by RAI, the Italian National Television, “Solochitarra” containing all his opera for guitar solo and played by Andrea Monarda. Since 2015 he is the Music Director of Terre di Maremma – Classica e Jazz Festival.