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mj_raposo | Azores


I'm an eclectic and a self-taught musician born in the Azores. My influences encompass Jazz, Classic music, New age, Electronic and film score composers. Since the early nineties, I've been creating music for film scores, commercial documentaries, advertisements, TV generics and CDs for local artists. Also have several original albums available in the main digital stores.

"Mário's music is elegant, moving and expertly contructed. We have been colleagues for some years now. I am also a composer. I have deep admiration for Mário's craft and ability. His music is never forced nor inauthentic. It consistently speaks from a place of honesty and necessity and always with something moving and compelling to say."
- John Califra, New York composer

"Always loved Mário's music. Great cinematic compositions and amazing classy melodic lines. His music surely worth a listen: you'll find something magic!"
- Corrado Rossi, italian award winning composer

"Mario Raposo is the composer of choice with our production teams. His creative capacity is prevalent in his work on fiction, contributing to give the saught out atmosphere in the various situations lived in this film (Um Natal Distante), whether it be suspense moments, or emotional ones. In documentary, he has elaborated various themes adequate to all genres, even composing epoque pieces for historical passages, displaying much versatality and finesse.”
- Carlos França, Director/Independent producer/co-owner of IRIS-AUDIO VISUAIS