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Music isn’t only a soundwave that moves itself through air by vibrations. It’s a language of expressions witch is understood by everybody. A language that we support and apply to a digital environment with strategical intensification.

To participate at the Multicolor family you don’t have to reinvent the physical laws of gravity. You only have to be part of a solution that works out no matter what. A solution that provides matter into the future of Multicolor Records.

In terms of creating music and profiling yourself as an artist, we position your own imagination as a marker of limitation.
Supporting true desires is our aim, but to have a continues “free flow” we try to avoid things such as single-minded characters.

However, hapiness might be hard to find these days in a world fed by social pressure and prejudiced people. The only way to escape this reality is to create your own. It’s just a matter of making the right decession at the right time. So don’t make that same mistake again…