Musicmedia was established in 1987, but it inherited a big experience as well as music catalogues from some publishing companies which were already very active on the market in the fifties.

Musicmedia is mostly specialized in music as a way to convey information and it's mainly involved with advertising by establishing an increasing number of contacts with radio and TV networks.

In fact one of its major activities is to represent, as exclusive Agent for Italy some of the most prestigious music libraries like Sonoton, which is considered worldwide as the top Label.

Moreover Musicmedia carries out independent productions within pop, adult-contemporary and jazz music, by also granting counsulting services in the music field to labels, companies as well as advertising agencies.
What's really hinging on Musicmedia is the strong belief that music isn't considered just as one of the various ways to communicate, but the most pre-eminently medium of communication. What's only changing is just the context and the music genre, but what never changes is the accuracy in working out a jingle, as well as a film soundtrack.