Andreas is a Swedish musician, songwriter and artist with four full solo albums in addition to various singles released so far. His music has spread in countries around the world via radio, TV and through various releases. Andreas is also a very experienced live artist that has done many performances througout the years on many different venues, both solo and with his band.

Andreas has also been active as a musician with other artists, as a pianist and vocalist, for example with some well known artists in Sweden either on recordings or live. He has done a lot of studio session work, working with various songwriters and producers having international credits with some of the most well known artists worldwide. He has sung or played on songs written by for example Andreas Carlsson (Britney Spears, Bon Jovi etc), Johan Åberg (Cher, Christina Aguilera etc), Desmond Child (Bon Jovi etc), Randy Goodrum (Toto, Michael McDonald etc) and many others. Andreas has also been active himself as a songwriter outside writing for himself, for ex he wrote a track that was included on a double platinum selling record in Europe and collaborated also with major publisher Warner Chappell a number of years. He also has composed and produced music for an international TV-channel etc.

Going back to his role as an artist. His latest full album was a Christmas album and before that an album called "Destiny". "Destiny" was released by his record label in Sweden in 2012. In 2013 this album was also released by a record label in South Korea that also released various singles from the album. And in 2014 visited South Korea doing some promo and performing, for example on a festival over ten thousand in the audience. A single was also released there just prior to the visit, a remake of a well known Korean song that Andreas was asked to do. That for example got exposure on national TV news, in various press, the song aired on national radio etc.
Another single releases was a single in Sweden, a song he did together with one of the most well known artists in Sweden, a former winner of the major Eurovision Song Contest among other things, a household name.

Now recently Andreas have been in China where he was for one month and performed in some various cities.