Frank Pels from The Netherlands, graduated from the Sweelinck Conservatorium and started his career as a keyboard player in several Dutch bands ( Mo, EZ Money ). For about a year Frank toured and did studio sessions with Womack & Womack.
From there he produced a lot of Dutch artists and did studio sessions in the emerging dance scene ( Armin van Buuren, Anita Dot, Sonic Surfers).

After releasing several LP's ( Worldtour, The Pels Syndicate ) and the release of his first CD solo album ( The Pels Syndicate ) his music was used in a commercial which led to the foundation of The Pels Syndicate Music & Sounddesign. Frank has worldwide composed music for hundreds of commercial ( BMW, Mercedes, Nokia, HP ), tv tunes and idents , audio logo's and brandings, trailer music, libraries for several companies, multi award winning tracks for children's CD's, numerous documentaries and films, fashion shows, laser shows and many other events covering all kinds of musical styles. Songs written for commercials three times reached the top ten hit lists.

Nowadays Franks experience, ears and gear are frequently being used by other artists, for arranging, mixing and mastering.

In 2010 Frank released his second cutting edge modern electronica solo album under the name The Pels Syndicate ( Cinematic Blue ), followed by the third in 2012 ( Chemical Inconveniences ). The fourth was released in May2104 ( Transfer of my affections ). In 2015 Frank signed another artist deal as DJ Cattail, and released the album Evening Cocktails, a collection of lounge music tracks, and Residential Area, electro jazz lounge tracks. In 2018 Classical Bits & Pieces and Communiclusion were released, as well as Piano Minatures, a Frank Pels solo project. All above is available in all well known stores and streaming services !!!

Frank is working from his professional studio build in his home, Protools 2018 HDX and plugins, lots of analog outboard and synths, mics and effix !