Looking for Headbangers to feature in our new Spotify Playlist

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Looking for Headbangers to feature in our new Spotify Playlist

We're in the process of extending our celebration of the fantastic music that's coming through our site. There is so much high quality, real music from real people, that stands out as exciting, new and progressive. We want to shout about it! We're curating some Spotify playlists that will feature our member's material. Not only will this be a wonderful platform for our members to present their work, but it can also act as a representation of the standard of music that can be found on our site, making us stand out when Supervisors are on the hunt for music within a specific genre or atmosphere. We need: Music that has been released on Spotify Music that is of a high recording quality Progressive music that reflects the future of music These will be ongoing playlist, that we would love all of our members to apply for, and to interact with. We feel as though good music should be heard and celebrated within a network like this, and we can't wait to hear what you have to show.

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