$100K - URGENT: Cool, confident, sense of Self-Power - Track Needed for Ad

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$100K - URGENT: Cool, confident, sense of Self-Power - Track Needed for Ad

Track Needs to be ALL of the following: Confident Swagger Passionate Sense of Self-Power Sense of Momentum / Upbeat Driving Force Sexy COOL - (this more than anything) Please look at the reference "Fade" by Kanye West We are NOT looking for something too EDM/Dance. Songs with key lyrics related to core themes or driving/cars could be a plus Examples could include: drive, fire, passion, hunger, inspire, road, challenge, obstacles, rush, never give up, dream, highway, expression, etc. Lyrics are second-tier priority, the overall vibe is first and foremost important. Budget: $100K (all-in) Looking forward to your submissions. Deadline - Thurs 5th October 5pm UK BST Laurence

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Dance House Deep House
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