Music Library Composer Search - Unreleased & Unpublished Rock/Metal with Electronic Hybrid Elements

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Music Library Composer Search - Unreleased & Unpublished Rock/Metal with Electronic Hybrid Elements

FILE COMMENTS: This project requires two different types of submissions described below. Please make sure to highlight in the File Comments whether the track you are putting forward is available OR is just an example of your work OR both. We are working on behalf of a Music Library currently looking to put together 2 library albums. They are looking for two key angles: 1. Composers experienced in the genre to sign for ongoing work 2. Relevant tracks to add to the specific albums The terms of this deal would work the same as any other PRS Music Libraries. This means that you would retain 100% of your Writers Share whilst the Library would take 100% of the Publisher Share. The style of tracks we are looking for should be Heavy Rock/Metal with Dubstep, Electronic Hybrid elements. The tracks need to be HUGE, memorable, gritty and exciting. If you feel you have tracks that would work that are available under these terms OR you would like to put forward examples of your work for the chance to work as one of their Composers ongoing please go ahead and submit tracks. Look forward to hearing your stuff! Jack

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Electronica Rock Metal Alternative Dubstep
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