Contemporary Young Band with Stylistic 80s Glam Influence for Corporate Sync Placement

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Contemporary Young Band with Stylistic 80s Glam Influence for Corporate Sync Placement

Firstly this is a super quick turnaround so thanks for your haste and apologies to anyone who misses the deadline but it's the client not us! See the brief from the client below: *** Deadline: Midday TODAY! *** We’re working on a brief for a two minute film that will be played at a corporate event and the client is after a young/emerging band with a very specific style to soundtrack the film. Track needs to be easy to licence as they don’t have a huge amount of money (exact budget TBC) and they also don’t have a huge amount of time, we need to hear ideas by midday please! Luckily what they’re after is very specific, brief below: Music Brief They’re after a contemporary band that either has what they call a ‘stylistic 80s glam rock’ feel or is in the style of french indie disco. They describe their ideal sound as being a ‘funky pump up piece, funny excited, pop/rock’. They want the track to feel a bit silly and needs to be motivational (this will be played to a large crowd at a live event) and optimistic. In terms of the feel of the film they referenced the tracks below. Android ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ Three ‘Sing It Kitty’ These are of course catalogue tracks, just to stress again, this is just for the feel our track must be contemporary. Closest contemporary track they have that they like is the below, but our track needs to have more energy please, does not need to be well known in any way shape or form: Vulfpeck ‘Animal Spirits’ Believe it or not, we literally just got this in, so we don’t have a huge amount more info. All I know is they’re desperate to find a track from a young band that they can fall in love with and start building this film around. If you have anything that fits the above brief, please can you let me know the rights splits as well. As they need it quickly, easy clearance is a must. Look forward to hearing your stuff! *** We have already sent tracks from the sync portal, if you're not already being pre-represented in our catalogue, please check out the Sync Portal on your account *** *** We will not be giving feedback on this project as it is open to all membership types. To work with us more closely and get direct feedback on the tracks you put forward, make sure you are an Influencer or Game Changer ***
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