Fresh New Tracks Across All Genres Needed (November 2018)

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Fresh New Tracks Across All Genres Needed (November 2018)

At Music Gateway we constantly put music forward to specific TV, Film, Ads and Games placement briefs. Some of our clients however don't send briefs out. They work in a slightly different way and we send them regular playlists of fresh new music.

This is why we're constantly on the search for exciting new songs across all genres to send over to them. We work directly with a host of Music Supervisors across EUROPE, USA, Canada and Australia including shows broadcast and or produced by NBC Universal, CBS Television, Disney ABC, Netflix, Sony Pictures and Amazon TV. The licensing includes background cues and promo slots for advertising.

As a Sync Licensing Agent we are widening our catalogue need to meet the increased demand for multiple genres. We work on a commission basis where we take 25% of each successful sync fee (you keep all backend royalty and rights payments). To see the full details check the Music Sync Licensing page in the Opportunities section at the top of this page or visit

The only key criteria is - it has to be fresh! If you have released anything in the last 6 months - we want to hear it!

How to Submit

- You can upload your song(s) using the submission button on the right and please don't forget to add your contact details in case we get interest in any of your submissions from a client.

- Message - When sending over your music, it's always good to add some more information about yourself and/or the release. So drop us a short message with your submission!

- Easy Clear - Please make sure that the songs you send us are easy to license and you either own the rights to them or have the right to represent the songs on behalf of the rights holder.

Once we have received the songs, we'll check them out and create a final playlist from a selection of the tracks we've received on here and send it over to our clients. We will be creating a new project each month to find the best fresh tracks.

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