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Hi, we are currently looking for representation or management. I have posted a Bio below, get in touch if you have experience and want to know more. Many thanks. “Broken” The Stick Up Boys release their first five track EP, "Broken" with New York's Quark records, this week. The Band, a collective from Brighton, UK, have an infectious, off kilter approach to electronic music. They have been dubbed, "the city's answer to Gorillaz" and called, "the new sound of urban pop." The band borrow influences from modern EDM, electonica and the 80’s pop scene, generating their unique sound, mainly from a battery of analogue synths, while adding their human talents as writers, performers, producers, vocalists and instrumentalists. The EP can be heard and downloaded from the links below - there will be many remixes to come over the next few months from DJs and producers. To publicize their latest release, The Stick Up Boys are planning some surprise online advertising heists, while featuring DJ sets from UK-based, James Black. The Stick Up Boys released their first and second singles, “Getaway” and “Party in the backyard” with Quark a couple of years ago. Their first sample CD, “Stick Up Boys Volume I,” held the No 1 spot in the Producer Loops indie chart for months. They have recently released 3 more sets of Construction Kits. Two songs, "Bling" and, "Put Another Record On," were used in a major advertising campaign for food retailer, “Itsu” while the song, “Trouble” was featured in a UK horror film, “POV.” And from a collaboration with French conceptual artist, Francois Vautier, came the video masterpiece for one of their most compelling songs, “DNA” The collective have also released a four song EP with Germany' s Respect Records in 2016 and collaborated on acclaimed dance tunes for DJ, Jerome Clarke and international artist, Luxe. In 2018, they worked with Volver Records in France to release the single, “Engine.” They also provide music for sync to TV and film companies. If you have any trouble with The Stick Up Boys, you are advised to, "Call a Policeman," See Videos - Hear Songs - Join their group: Twit with them: website spotify them

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