Music Producer Wanted For New Artist Project // Single Release

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Music Producer Wanted For New Artist Project // Single Release

Singer/ songwriter (in development deal) looking for a creative music producer for initially one song, to be released this year. Influences: Kate Bush, Freya Ridings, Billie Ellish, Portishead. I'm looking for someone who: 1) appreciates layers, space, richness, and depth of sound that both elicit emotion and tell a story. 2) cares about the quality of the sounds and the music (i.e. not embroiled in the ‘loudness wars’ that over compresses everything). 3) hunts for the goosebumps moments. 4) who is creative and innovative that doesn’t necessarily sound exactly like everyone else. 5) has a wide range of influences/references that includes orchestral, pop and electronic. 6) can create or have access to beats. 7) can arrange and mix. 8) I am based in The UK but open to working remotely with the right person.

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Electronica Pop Orchestral
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