Top Line Writer/Singer/Lyricist Wanted For Long-Term Collaboration

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Top Line Writer/Singer/Lyricist Wanted For Long-Term Collaboration

Hi Talents, My name is Tomas Jochmann, and I am a music producer/composer/mixing and mastering engineer with a robust musical education background with a focus on harmony and strong rhythmic feeling coming from Jazz and Afro-Cuban music. But that DOESN'T mean I would love to work on Jazz songs here. My focus is Mainstream-Pop/R&B and Dance music in general. I am looking for someone who I can collaborate with long-term on my unfinished musical ideas. I have quite a big library of unfinished "grooves" and song ideas, so I am looking for a top-line writer/singer/lyricist to help me to finish them. I want to work on a "ping-pong" basis, which means following: I'll send you a pre-mixed arrangement, which has the mood already settled, you'll try to make a top line for it, and you'll send it to me back. Then I work with it for a little while, and then I need a final version from you to finish the arrangement I come up with. I think it's pretty clear what I mean. I am offering 50/50 split on royalties or other income. My plan with these songs is to sell them here at Music Gateway, especially for Sync/TV(Ads). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you very much for your attention!

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Dance Funk Soul Pop R&B
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