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Young Artists Collective

During these uncertain times I am looking for the unpublished co-writer, transcriber and collaborator for the upcoming charity star-studded music-related studio album recording by the 552-piece mixed famous young adult boy/girl singing supergroup Young Artists Collective.

All proceeds of this important project will go to Coronavirus Relief Fund and Entertainment Industry Foundation for the US and Amnesty International for the rest of the world.

For this project I wrote the lyrics and music of 25 original songs so far and I suggest 24 original songs would be enough for two CD's. 

These written lyrics doesn't make sense so I need you to correct these words of these verses etc for these 22 original songs by checking spelling and grammar.

Then I would like you to rework these melodies of these 24 original songs by listen to each melody of each song that I wrote and recorded on Soundcloud.

When it's done I would like you to pass it on to me so that I can listen to it and see what do you think.

Recording will take place in and around Southern California including Shrine Auditorium Expo Hall sometime this year.

This double album to be released digitally and in the physical stores on Friday 14th May 2021 and to be followed by one-off live star-studded concert performance at former Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Saturday 5th June 2021.

Please apply if you are interested.

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