[$1500+] Seeking for Pop radio hit for male artist like One Direction, young target

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[$1500+] Seeking for Pop radio hit for male artist like One Direction, young target

Hi, I'm seeking a pop radio song with a catchy hook and interesting verses for our male artist (27 y.o) , but for young people target.

He loves something sounds like One Direction or other boysband sounds, but also good for solo singers. We need a great topline for airplay as possible. This song will be released in summer this year, so take this into consideration.

Theme: Happy, target, making dreams come true
Moods: warm, cool, positive, energetic
Tempo: midtempo up to uptempo or midtempo with ballad themes.
Vocals: male, 27 y.o.
Target: younger people (teenagers, 20-30)

Looking for publishing deal or buyout song, re-produce instrumental or master licence. Song will be released worldwide in digital, promotion, with music video too. Please share with me demos or finals, as high quality as you can :-)

Budget - open for negotiations, maybe about $1500, maybe more :)

PS. We are after some great collaborations and deals here with finalized contracts, so don't worry :)

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