4/20 Reggae 12 Hour Live Stream from New York!

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4/20 Reggae 12 Hour Live Stream from New York!

My name is Mike, owner of Live Mic Music & Records.  Due to the world epidemic going on right now, we have heavilly jumped into the live streaming community while we are not allowed to go to any shows.  This year, on 4/20, we are going to be running a Live Stream event showcasing reggae artists from (hopefully) around the world.  We will be giving artists 20 minute slots and can perform from their own couch, all you would need is access to a computer with available camera / audio feed.  Doesn't have to be professionally produced, your home equipment is fine.


It will be running April 20, 2020 from 12 noon - 12 midnight GMT -5 time.  (New York Time). Time slots will be given out once artists are confirmed, we are in need of 29 artists we will be collecting from different sources.  The more worldwide this is, the more exposure we can get!



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