Experienced Songwriter Looking For Collaborations

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Experienced Songwriter Looking For Collaborations

I love to collaborate and I'm looking to connect with other creatives to experiment across an array of genres, from Chill to Heavy Rock. I'm an experienced topliner, lyricist and vocalist - I'm looking to find like-minded producers and writers to make some awesome songs. 

Who am I?

A multi talented artist from Dawson Creek, Canada, I excel in various areas including toplining, music production and more. I have raspy, gritty 70’s rock inspired vocals similar to David Bowie and Leonard Cohen and I've got natural instinct for memorable hooks and melodies. I love to craft dark, personal lyrics, but I'm also well-equipped to write about any topic proposed (with my own unique take interweaved). I wear many hats; I'm a multi-talented music producer who creates unique programmed sounds from my home studio.

If this sounds intersting let's talk! I've worked with some great talent over the years and looking to work with more! Let's work.

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Dance Funk Pop R&B Hip Hop Rock Metal Indie Alternative Punk Ballad Acoustic
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