Budget TBC // Guitar-Led Emotive Scores // Indie Film

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Budget TBC // Guitar-Led Emotive Scores // Indie Film

*** To get ahead for future briefs, make sure to submit your tracks to the Portal ***

Please ensure that you update the METADATA with the information below (as a bare minimum) for any tracks that you pitch.

- Song Title

- Artist

- Writer's Split

- Master Owner

- Publishing Owner

Tracks without this above information/which do not follow the submission format will not be considered.

We are currently searching for emotional guitar-based instrumentals for use within an Indie Film. Productions must be down-midtempo and should be emotive, but calm and positively reflective. Arrangements must include a soft guitar melody as the main instrument and could be assisted by a piano, or other strings to achieve the emotional theme. Bedding versions of your submissions (minus the led melodic lines will be useful too). Tracks MUST be in the Sync Portal to be considered for this project.

Please see the reference track for guidance.

The Sync Team

Posted: 22/05/2020

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