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Music Composer/Producer/Audio Engineer services

I am Tomin Tomovic, a flexible music composer, producer, remixer, audio engineer and have been focusing mainly on EDM, but I have experience in any kind of electronic music. My projects Tomin Tomovic (House) and Alpha Hypnotica (Chill out, Ambient) are successful and some of those works have been released on top labels in world (Traum, Motek, Bonzai,…).

I do also music for sync purposes (films, TV shows, commercials, etc.) + remixes/remakes. f.E.: Remake of Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen:


I am offering my composing and producing skills especially for movies and other sync purposes. 

My music/projects:

-Alpha Hypnotica (cinematic, chill out music)

-Tomin Tomovic (house, deep house, progressive)


Music Genre

Ambient Classical Electronica House Techno EDM Soundtrack Trip Hop Deep House
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