Composer Needed For Original Documentary // Budget TBC

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Composer Needed For Original Documentary // Budget TBC

We have a client working on an upcoming documentary based on the 1971 British crime film, 'Get Carter', and they're looking to hire a composer to create a bespoke soundtrack. 

The majority of the soundtrack to the original film was composed by Jazz pianist Roy Budd and can be heard here on Spotify and YouTube. Our client is looking for a composer who will be able to draw influence from the original film whilst creating an engaging and modern soundtrack for this documentary. 

We're waiting to confirm a music budget but are looking to get rough estimates on pricing quotes for anyone interested in working on this assuming the documentary would be between 1 - 1.5 hours in length.

In your pitch, please provide a quote or guideline of your fees for a project like this along with any other information you think may be useful in relation to the brief. Any examples of your work in a similar genre is also welcome.

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