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Unreleased Music Search // Any Genre

If you're sitting on unreleased gold, and you want us to represent it for licensing opportunities, it's important that you submit it to the Sync Portal so we know about it before the release date.
Our clients are the original music nerds. Like most of us in the music industry, their music career didn't start from their first job, it started from childhood and all the musical influences that come through life. They love nothing more than to delve into the dark corners of the web to find hidden gems. By submitting your music to the sync portal before the release date, you're giving us the opportunity to showcase something completely new that can't be found anywhere else. By being proactive with letting us know this, you're allowing us to be proactive with your music.

A lot of people think the release date is one of the most important days of a songs life cycle. For sync & promotion, it's what you do in the days and weeks leading up to a release that really matters. So, make sure you get your tracks in ASAP!
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You can submit your music for free with the aim of showcasing your talent to our huge network of music industry professionals worldwide. Our organic Spotify playlists cover multiple genres. Reach record labels, artist management, music supervisors, music publishers and radio stations.

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