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Budget: €100 - €250

Pitching Period: 14 days



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Production Music Library

We are looking for professional musicians to compose/play/record songs for a new library of our catalogue. The songs have to be: - suitable for videos/SPOTs/films of EXTREME SPORTS (i.e.: HIGH SPEED CARS, MOTOR CAR RACE...) - instrumental - played at 150 bpm or more - 12 main versions + same songs with commercial cuts (30’’ and 60’’) - Some of that songs have to be divided in 3 periods: first intro, second medium mood – rising rhythm, third “explosion” (so generally a song have to vary rhythmically - ascending climax, building to explosive climax) - General mood: as much as possible: POSITIVE (positive tension, energetic, adrenaline, suitable for speed and race) TERMS & CONDITIONS € 200 per track + 100% composer's share (50 publishing, 50 composer).

Music Genre

Electronica Rock Drum&Bass Soundtrack
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