Female Vocalist/Songwriter seeking multi-instrumentalist and producer (with mixing/mastering skills)

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Female Vocalist/Songwriter seeking multi-instrumentalist and producer (with mixing/mastering skills)

I am looking for a multi-instrumentalist/producer to update the sound of my songs to sound more current and marketable to today's artists. I'm an award winning songwriter with some opportunities with major labels hearing my completed songs for artist roster consideration. I have multiple sketches of songs that I am currently recording via garageband but my skills in playing and recording can't seem to match up with the vision. What I am looking for is someone who can take the music sketches, re-record it (by ear), update the sounds to make more current. I will provide vocals that can either be plugged into the song from your end or added to the file from mine. I'm also open to suggestions of the music - for example If you feel that it can be switched to a different genre for more marketable purposes or that another melodic line should be added (or percussion, etc..) to fill out the song, that will be considered as well. I'm open to having fun writing some great music. This project does not offer upfront payment but I am willing to be very generous in the back end with profits should it lead to a label using the song for other artists or placement through licensing deals. In addition, should the songs be picked up for artist consideration, I will recommend YOU as the producer and you may even receive additional work if the label chooses to work with you directly in re-recording the song to their specifications. I have samples of my older work which may or may not be included in the future of our collaborations. While this sound worked for me years ago as an independent artist, I'm looking to move away from this and create music that sounds more current and marketable. The lyrics will also be more generic to apply to more people/situations. My end goal is to create music for other artists or license through other avenues. I have no interest in playing live or touring. Looking for an open minded, extremely talented person who appreciates all genres of music. Must have the capabilities to receive and upload files for our collaboration as this will be completely remote. Please refer to me 2-3 samples of your completed work in your profile. I have almost completed the first sketch and look forward to hearing from you! --- Type of work: Remote work Specific terms: These songs have been copyrighted and all rights will be retained to the licensing and use of this song. However I am open to negotiating the back end profit for successful placement of the music and am willing to supply a contract to secure those terms for our collaboration.

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Electronica Rock
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