Alt-rock band 'BiasFirey' seeks additional PR

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Alt-rock band 'BiasFirey' seeks additional PR

With the recent release of our single 'Running', Edinburgh based alt-rock band 'BiasFirey' are seeking opportunities in which to continue and expand our PR campaign. 'Running : The Single' Official Video in Videos Tab. Released on the 11th of July 2014 and taken from our debut album 'Hundred Thousand Souls', 'Running' showcases the band's raw and exciting sound and has received much praise since the release including features on & As highly experienced musicians, we believe ourselves to have an excellent product and endeavour to continue finding the right people to help get our music to right places. Those wishing to get in touch can gain a clear idea of BiasFirey's music and image on our profile and should be in a position to offer one of the follow: - Blogs/articles/features or additional social media presence. - Official reviews. - Radio airplay (of any kind). - Good and reliable pr and marketing advice, support or connections. We look forward to your thoughts, thank you greatly for your time and immensely for your consideration. Lisa Aird, --- Services required for: All PR/Marketing considered. Length of campaign: 3 Months Territory: Territory: 826
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