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International Music Business Seeks New Music

..:: About the Project ::.. After the success of our initial brief on Music Gateway we are now looking to source, develop, sign and promote additional talent to support the various activities we will be undertaking with our existing roster(s) and new potential signings through one of our International partners based in Barcelona (Spain). Make Ish Happen have again been commissioned by Second 2 None Records to find new and unsigned producers, beat makers and remixers to join their roster. With an amazing studio space to work from in Barcelona, their talented team have successfully launched an independent record label (S2N Records) and have already secured a global distribution and option of co-publishing through Clippers Music. Make Ish Happen will be working closely to help develop, manage and promote the in house and external roster we select to our ever growing network of music and entertainment contacts. Successful applicants will initially have the opportunity to collaborate with our teams as well as having their material signed (i.e. S2N Records and/or S2N Publishing), released and promoted on a ‘Global' scale. Stage two of the selection process will see successful candidates picked out to start working directly with our team(s), with the potential to be flown out to Barcelona to work in the studio. The final stage of the process (Stage 3) will see the successful applicants signed to an independent record and publishing deal funded by Second 2 None (S2N Records) and supported by Make Ish Happen. ..:: Terms ::.. Please ensure you only apply if the following criteria is met: - You have not already applied to one of our briefs - You are unsigned and unmanaged - You are 100% confident you can write, produce, play and/or perform hit records - You are over the age of 16 and can obtain permission to travel from your parents (if required to do so) - You are fully committed to your music career and would work full time doing so, should the opportunity arise - You have original material you can showcase through Music Gateway when submitting your pitch - You ONLY apply through Music Gateway as all other applications will be disregarded --- Project to sign a: Individual/Group Project open for: World

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