Singer/Songwriter/Performer Auditioning passionate, creative musicians to form a band, write and rec

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Singer/Songwriter/Performer Auditioning passionate, creative musicians to form a band, write and rec

Drawing inspiration from a variety of artists including Arcade Fire, Pink Floyd, Nina Simone, Florence and the Machine, Band of Skulls, The Foals, Portishead, Floating Points and Massive Attack to name a few this project will continue to evolve and explore, pushing boundaries in music and each other combining acoustic and electronic to make mind-blowing tunes with positive, thought-provoking messages and universal appeal. I am on my final year of my songwriting degree and have over the years written a large amount of material, some will be used as a starting point, but ideally in the future we will write together too. I aim to have 1-2 rehearsals per week, one with the full band and the other in sections. I will be auditioning people for the next month as it is absolutely vital that I find the right people. This will include vibe, commitment, passion and ability. In January we will begin recording our first album and playing various live shows. In March we will be performing in a London venue for my final performance mark for my degree. This performance will be a night put on with 4 other artists and we have chosen a fringe theatre with standing as our venue. The reason being that I have some very creative, unique and secret ideas (for now ;)) as to the performance of our show. The "Live element" is a very important factor and you should be prepared to be involved and apart of more than just standing and playing. It is essential in todays industry to give people something to talk about and believe me, they will! (Don't worry, all your clothes stay on and dignity in tact, think Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Arcade Fire for the live performance). In May we will release an "album preview" but aim for a full album release before Christmas 2015. Summer will be a lot of gigging and festivals. Auditions will be held at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in Kilburn, London or Resident Studios just down the road from there. Our regular full band practice will be either Sat/Sun and other practices in the evening during the week. The producer is an incredibly accomplished and talented individual whom I feel honoured to be working with. Part of the "sound" will already come across through the songs I have already written (I mainly use my guitar, vocals and Logic as writing tools), however, the final sound will come through us developing the sound as a band, as a whole. I am incredibly excited as it feels like years of study, experience in the industry and performance has led me to this point. All I need now is the perfect band and I know there are people out there who are looking for me too. Is it you? ;) Get in touch if you have any questions. --- Project open for: UK:

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Dance Electronica Folk World Rock Indie Alternative
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