Big Beat/Electro Hybrid songs need it in a Thriller/Horror Short-Film!!!!

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Big Beat/Electro Hybrid songs need it in a Thriller/Horror Short-Film!!!!

Hi there, ...are you interest in a collaboration? Are you a guitarist, or a drummer, maybe a beat maker, or a Keyboard player with unique sounds? You have your own studio to record your own riffs, beats, sounds? ...if the answer is: YES!... ...just good to know, we must making soundtracks together in Hybrid Electro/Big Beat genre! I am living in London, UK. So if you are living here, in the same town, we can talk anytime! If not, dont be sad, the Internet exits. I mean Big Beat like the Crystal Method, or Electro Hybrid like Critical Mass or the Ninja Tracks. These song(s) will be presented in a Thriller/Horror short-film! So these songs will be Soundtracks! I am contact daily with the Director and the Producers. This is why we need to discuss everything before/between/after in the Project. So...! Do you wanna hear back your own sounds, riffs, or beats in a movie? Do not hesitate! Pitch, and show me what you got! --- Location: UK: Type of work: Either - Attended/Remote

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Ambient Electronica Soundtrack
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