Artist Dispute Resolution Offer! - 1 Mediation

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Artist Dispute Resolution Offer! - 1 Mediation

Having spent over 20 years in the music industry in many different roles, I am painfully aware of the time, energy and often money that dealing with arguments, rifts and conflict between artists, bands, musicians and labels can waste. Traditionally disputes are resolved confrontationally, through expensive legal actions and often leaves things feeling bitter. I tackle Conflict in a totally new way. The process consists of a combination of one on one meetings between the individual participants and a mediator (usually me), followed by face to face meetings with all participants and the mediator guiding the process, to help them look at the situation from a totally different perspective and come up with their own creative solution. I'm offering 1 Free Mediation, that you can take to the bank and call upon when it's needed. Looking forward to your pitches!

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