Free Development/Recording Deal for Two Talented Artists/Bands!

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Free Development/Recording Deal for Two Talented Artists/Bands!

Paul Hutchinson Ltd is a progressive production house that focuses on young up and coming bands and artists who would normally not get a chance to work with top professionals to take their music to a high industry level. (Developing artists like major labels used to do when they had big budgets). For the first time PHL is offering an amazing deal to develop 2 lucky artists or bands. This will include:- - Free mentoring, recording, mixing and mastering for the right artists or bands - To fully interpret the artists ideas and focus them to a high quality finished product - Helping the band or artist find themselves in a natural way whilst doing the right thing by the songs The creative skills criteria for this site is generic so please ignore the compulsory boxes. GOOD ARTISTS/BANDS WITH GOOD IDEAS AND A GOOD VOICE is the brief This opportunity is open to any genre 3 demo tracks are required for submission although great production not needed It is preferable but not essential you are in or near to the NORTH WEST of England More about us... Paul Hutchinson Ltd production house has a recording complex with 2 studios and a large live room Studio Hire is also available complete with fully qualified engineer and special rates for unsigned bands and Artists The main business services are:- Artist Development, Full Production, Mixing, Mastering, Recording, Co-Writing, Collaboration, Editing, Vocal Coaching, Custom Packages --- Project to sign a: Individual/Group Project open for: UK:

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